Revenues (million of €)

EBITDA (million of €) and
EBITDA Margin on revenues (%)

* Revenues reported have been impacted by the adoption of the IFRS15 accounting standard for all the periods displayed.

Net Financial Debt
(million of €)

* The FY2016 data is influenced by the reclassification as “current financial asset” of a revocable financing, amounting to
€ 37.5 million, granted to Aquafil Holding S.p.A. Excluding this related parties’ transaction, the Net Financial Debt as of
December 31th, 2016 would amount to € 155.5 million.
** The € 37.5 million financing granted to Aquafin Holding S.p.A. was compensated in May 2017 through dividends’ distribution
from Aquafil S.p.A. to Aquafin Holding S.p.A. for the same amount.

Revenues breakdown by line of product as of December, 31st 2018

Revenues breakdown by geographical area as of December, 31st 2018